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VALUE-DRIVEN The power of Company Shop in-store optimisation

Company Shop Company Shop
Company Shop Company Shop

To better emphasise the value of redistributed products, Company Shop needed a new Point of Sale design system. Live & Breathe produced a value toolkit to develop a cohesive brand experience and in-store design that echoed the Company Shop’s commitment to sustainability. The new, optimised in-store layout generated a seamless customer experience and accelerated value perception for shoppers.

Company Shop
Company Shop

Live & Breathe worked closely with the Company Shop team to develop and deliver a complete in-store marketing communications package, from scratch, in less than three months. This wasn’t without its challenges but the team at Live & Breathe went above and beyond to deliver, and the results speak for themselves.

Rebecca Singleton

Company Shop Interim Marketing Director
& Marketing Consultant

Increased sales of surplus stock in
the Middleton store on average by
over 20% in the first three weeks.

Received positive feedback
from customers on clarity
and ease of shopping.

Set goals to revamp the
Wentworth and Bradford
stores by the end of the year.



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