Martin House Miles Mission 

At Live & Breathe, we’re committed to taking ambitious brands to the next level, helping them Be More every day. But this doesn’t stop with our client partners. We’re striving to Be More as a company too. 

This year, we’re focusing our efforts from the inside out, exploring the many ways that we can Be More for everyone – from our colleagues, teams and local communities.

To bring positive change to community groups and inspire others, we’ve kickstarted a new charity partnership and initiative. But hold on, where did it all begin? Read on to discover how we turned aspiration into action. 


The Strength of Starting Small    

For us, we’re giving back right where it matters most: at home. We’re all about rolling up our sleeves and getting involved with our own community, because we believe that’s where real change begins. After all, local charity partnerships are more important than ever. 

Local charities stand as beacons of hope. These amazing organisations are on the ground, day in and out, working hard to support those that need them most. They’re the beating heart of our neighbourhoods – helping to make communities a better place by bridging the gaps between some of today’s social, economic, and political challenges. 

That’s why we’ve decided to start small. But small is mighty, and we believe that having an impact on a local level can make a huge difference. 


Finding The Perfect Charity Partner      

When it came to selecting a charity partner, we knew it had to reflect the heart and soul of our teams. So, we put the power in their hands, asking them to nominate a charity close to their hearts. And from there, we narrowed down their suggestions to six local charities. 

After careful consideration from colleagues, we landed on one chosen charity. We’re absolutely delighted to unveil our new charity partnership with Martin House Children’s Hospice! 

Who is Martin House? They provide family-led hospice care for free to children and young people with life-limiting illnesses. Their dedication to enhancing the quality of life for both patients and their families certainly struck a chord with us, and we couldn’t be prouder to support such an important cause. 


Joining Forces to Create Meaningful Change   

So, what are we doing? Well, we wanted to organise an array of exciting initiatives and activities, whether large or small, that our teams could rally behind. Not only to raise awareness, but also fundraise as much money as possible for Martin House. But knew we couldn’t do this alone. 

That’s why we turned to our very own Live & Breathers, inviting them to sign up as ‘Charity Champions’ to brainstorm ideas and drive initiatives forward. With our team members leading the charge, we’re determined to put the ‘fun’ back into fundraising. After all, we can make a difference while having a blast, can’t we? 


Miles Mission for Martin House  

From 1st May to 12th June, we’re embarking on a mission to cover 1987 miles and raise funds for Martin House. Why 1987 miles? It’s the very year that Martin House was founded, making it the perfect tribute for our Miles Mission. 

What better time for our teams to come together then for National Walking Month in May…and raise those all-important funds for our chosen charity? And if they reach their target, then we’ve pledged to match those miles and donate £1,987 to Martin House. 


Be More, Together

What does the Miles Mission involve? We’re kicking off a series of activities across our office hubs. Whether it’s a leisurely lunchtime stroll or hitting the ground running after work, colleagues from across the UK can get involved and collectively clock up those miles. 

Beyond group activities, we’ll also be cheering on anyone who’s up for a personal challenge to raise additional funds. And to celebrate all the hard work, we’ll be awarding prizes at our summer party to those who racked up the most miles individually and as a department. 

Whether our teams would like to strut their stuff with a furry friend, pitter-patter alongside their pram, skateboard in style, pedal like a pro, or run forrest run, we’re coming together in aid of Martin House. Spreading some L&B magic far and wide.