Here at Live & Breathe, we’re fortunate to have a team of incredibly talented individuals who are the backbone of our business. We’re all about recognising their outstanding contributions so we’re taking a moment to celebrate them with our quarterly Shining Star Awards. These aren’t just any accolades; they’re a testament to the stars that light up our workplace every day.

But what’s the secret to becoming a shining star? Let’s dive in to find out more. 

Embracing Excellence   

We ask Live & Breather’s to cast their votes, nominating one colleague who they believe is an absolute star and joy to work with. And those that truly live our values: Ambitiousness, Tenacity, Conscientiousness and Curiosity

For us, it’s also a chance to take a moment, hit the pause button, and reflect on the magic that happens inside our agency. And ultimately, to extend heartfelt thanks to those who make a difference, no matter how big or small - helping our business become a brighter and better place for everyone. 

So, without further ado, let’s meet our shining stars! 

Our Winners 

We’re over the moon to announce our winners, who were each awarded a voucher of their choice: 

Judy Shaw, Project Manager at Live & Breathe. 

“Judy is an absolute star. She has really stepped up this year, going above and beyond to help all of us fully onboard a new system. Judy has provided the team with amazing ‘how to’ documents and in-person training sessions, being on hand for individual queries and team problem-solving sessions. She's provided very considered, clear and structured training whilst being so very patient with us all! She is always a joy to work with and a real credit to L&B… we love her!”

Valentina Ricciardi, Senior Data & Insight Analyst at Live & Breathe. 

“Valentina goes above and beyond in her role - not only does she knock it out of the park when it comes to handling our clients' data and insights needs, but she also manages the Data Kinetics team. Her dedication to excellence is unmatched and her positive energy is contagious. She's always there to lend a hand, even when her own schedule is demanding. Valentina uplifts team morale and fosters an environment where everyone feels valued. She has this natural drive and curiosity that makes her jump headfirst into new projects and clients. But what really sets Valentina apart is her unwavering support for her team, not only in professional matters but also emotionally. When things get challenging or stressful, she's like our team's personal cheerleader, ready with a listening ear, a pep talk, or some solid advice. Her genuine care for each of us brings us closer together, making us feel like more than just colleagues.”

Courtney Blake, Senior Designer at Live & Breathe. 

“Courtney is such a talented creative and has a cracking personality, she really has the L&B spirit. Not only did she smash it out of the park with her recent work on a pitch, but she is having an impact everywhere - she painted the mural in the Leeds office, gathered the troops for International Women’s Day, and spurred on our AR Easter egg hunt. She goes way above the call of duty and does it with a smile on her face. We are inspired by her daily! Legend.”