Leading creative agency, Live & Breathe, today announces the launch of Real Technique’s ‘Our Tools. Your Way’ campaign, alongside media partner, MI Media

A brand fame driving campaign rooted in the online make-up community, ’Our Tools. Your Way’ showcases that Real Techniques, the leading makeup tool brand, has the makeup tools for whatever look you want to achieve, whoever you are.

The night-time launch will see an OOH stunt light up iconic London locations with a call to arms to ‘#MakeYourStatement’ and settle long-standing make-up debates across the social beauty community. The campaign will be supported by influencer Izzie Rogers, who will be sparking some of these healthy debates with the public and sharing Real Techniques’ make-up tool samples. 

Alongside the OOH activity, the campaign will run across social via TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube until mid-March, following up with bursts throughout the year.

Emily Hudson, International Marketing Manager, PPI beauty

“We are proud to work with Live & Breathe on this campaign to emphasise a fundamental truth: the tools we use are not mere accessories, but essential partners in the artistry of makeup. We believe in empowering cosmetics enthusiasts to elevate their beauty routines, recognising that quality tools are the unsung heroes behind every flawless look.

“We know that everyone has their own makeup secrets and hacks, and we want the #MakeYourStatement campaign to get the audience debating about them.”

Emma Singleton, Account Director Live & Breathe said “

"We were thrilled to work on this campaign with Real Techniques. Our collaboration underscores a shared commitment to excellence and empowerment, as we strive to educate and inspire cosmetics enthusiasts. Through facilitating debate, we invite individuals to understand the transformative power of quality tools, unlocking new levels of artistry and self-expression.”

Originally published by Campaign